Esther Mabin

Starting as a small, local fundraising idea over twenty-five years ago, Taniwha Daffodils is now an annual Spring institution which attracts visitors from all over New Zealand. With 25 acres of daffodils, as well as Lakes, magnificent trees, birdlife and sculpture - it comes alive in the Spring with daffodils as far as the eye can see. Each year it seems to grow bigger and more beautiful than the last.

Railene Mabin and her daughter-in-law Esther are the reluctant stars of Taniwha Daffodils. Spending hundreds of hours each, every year planting, maintaining and organising so that Taniwha Daffodils can be the special place that it is.

It is thanks to their generous efforts, that hundreds of thousands of dollars has been raised over the year, with all profits from the daffodils each September donated back to Central Hawke’s Bay Plunket.

If you see Railene or Esther as you wander around their back garden amongst the daffodils, be sure to give them a smile and say thank you for creating a place of pure delight and exceptional beauty.

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