Peter and Dianne Harris

Upon walking into a rundown Homestead, near demolition, with hundreds of possums and rodents residing inside, you wouldn’t have blamed Peter and Dianne Harris of turning around and walking away. However, there was something within that moment at Oruawharo Homestead that enticed them to purchase the property and start a lengthy renovation journey and create a wonderful Homestead for others to enjoy.

Oruawharo is grand, a Central Hawke’s Bay icon which is steeped in local history. From Army mutinys, to Royal visits. You can imagine the parties, pomp and ceremony of years’ gone by. The scale of the house is hard to comprehend, but the result of Peter and Dianne’s love for Oruawharo is evident. They have created a beautiful place for weddings and events, a beautiful garden and large grounds which are enjoyed by hundreds each year.

To think the Homestead and its’ history was a week away from demolition, we are lucky to have people like Dianne and Peter in the World.

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